What is Financial Planning

Financial planning isn't actually all that complicated--at least in theory.

 We all have many responsibilities and goals in our lives. We have dreams and aspirations for a better future. But quite often we are not sure as to how we will fulfil these goals and aspirations. Life changes over time. We may never be sure what today holds for us tomorrow. What if something goes wrong? How do we make sure that we get what we wish ?

For every individual, a well-designed financial planning provides discipline, guidelines and benchmarks over time as we move toward our financial objectives. A solid financial plan enables us to identify areas of strength and weakness in our current portfolio and establish measurable steps toward positive growth. 

A comprehensive financial plan will help you address these issues: 

Asset Allocation
Understand your willingness and ability to accept risk
Define your investment objective
Compare current vs. recommended asset allocation

Insurance Planning 
Analyze your life insurance needs
Compare different life insurance products
Analyze your other insurance plans (long-term care, Auto, home, Medical care) 

Education Planning 
Plan for future educational costs for your family 
Identify savings strategies to meet your goals 

Retirement Planning 
Identify how much you will need to retire 
Identify strategies to ensure an adequate retirement income 
Enable you to compare funding projections based on varying market scenarios and spending habits

Tax Planning 

Identify strategies for decreasing taxes
Identify strategies for deferring income taxes
Identify deductions (mortgage, charitable, etc.)







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